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Oil on panel

200cm x 150cm

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Hide and Seek – Oil on panel

Hide and Seek forms an integral part of my body of work, ‘a Trap for the Escape Artist’.

My 2019 solo show marked a time in my life where mental health was a very real day to day struggle. This exhibition spoke to the side effects of technology and popular culture, where escapism and loneliness are all too real.

The subject of this painting wants to escape her past, but is tied down by memories and perhaps loss. She longs to escape something, but something holds her back. What does she seek? From what or from whom does she hide? The grit and the dirt of industry and urban life intersect with the purity of the human spirit and the vitality of human life in this piece, leaving many questions unanswered and mysteries unsolved.

Paradox – Oil on panel
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